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The Only Town In Idaho, that is somewhat not related to Potatoes.
Basically only part where Idaho is Technologically advanced.

AKA-- Treasure Valley ( Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell)
I live in Boise, thats in Idaho.
by Bonzi March 26, 2005
A girl who plays sports,and is good at them, she can either be ugly or hot.
Person # 1What type of girl is she?

Person #2She is a Dirtblood.

Person #1Ahh I see.
by Bonzi March 26, 2005
The Ultimate when it comes to being "Sexy". None others can compare when it comes to physical beauty.
Wow, that chick is hot, but shes not nearly as hot as Snipher
by Bonzi April 30, 2003
Typical Word in Middle School- - -
Meaning a realtionship should be happening but neither person would ask the other person involved out, because he or she is too scared. But inturn they are ALREADY going out.

Orgin- Idaho
I am U.S. Dexing it with Joanna.
by Bonzi March 26, 2005

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