Boinker ; a fart with some bounce to it.
Boinkered; past tense
OMG! What a fuck'n boinker dude!
Man, when she boinkered the whole bar ran outside!
by UfaPapa007 September 27, 2014
Someone of the straight community that either hangs around with all the LGBT or acts LGBT. They are not homosexual but everyone thinks they are OR they are not gay but all their friends are.
EX 1.

Owen- Let's hang with Erin today! She's totally fab!
Charlie- Yeah, she is such a boinker it's great!!!

EX 2.
Erin- Who's the new guy? He's pretty cute!
Mike- I don't know but I think he's gay...
Erin- Nah I heard he's just a boinker.
Mike- Oh...that explains it.
by i ate your face (: August 24, 2010
Another name for a man's penis and or erection.
Example 1:
Bro 1: Hey man, do you see what I see?
Bro 2: Yes, I see what you see!
Bro 3: Dude, that girl gave me a total boinker.

Exampe 2:
Guy get's hit in the dick.
Guy: Awh man, that one hit me right in the boinker.
by canadaboy May 19, 2010
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