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A cocktail made by dropping a shot of whiskey (or whisky if you're a Scot or Canadian) into a glass of beer. Great for those who don't like straight booze but hate sweet mixers.
Boilermakers are good for time management. They make me twice as drunk in the same amount of time!
by Beer Hunter February 13, 2004
A sexual position in which two men sit on each others faces and crap in each others mouths
Shaun spread his legs over Tony's face preparing to give him the best boilermaker he had ever had, by laying a cable in his mouth
by Passion Fingers April 26, 2012
1. Whiskey mixed in with a brew.

2. College engineer student that does homework during the week and puts down unreal amounts of booze during the weekend.

3. Train dude.
Man, Jon really worked hard this week. I guess thats why he drank 20 boilermakers last night.
by Rust Daddy January 20, 2006
A fecal fetish sex act where one person shits on the chest of another, then proceeds to pick it up again with their butt cheeks, scuttle forward and drop it in the mouth of the person shitted upon.
Dude, I totally Boilermakered this other dude last night.
by Anson Thepants February 18, 2008
When you have sex with someone that is more than 10 years your senior. However the definition esp. applys generaly to the under 20s who root women over the age of 30.

Kinda the same as having sex with Stiflers Mum. But then, that would be called "having sex with Stiflers Mum" wouldnt it.
Bob who is 19 : "Whoa, Sam you got with that old bird last night didnt you?"

Sam (also 19): "Sure did and she was one hot Milf"

Bob : "Well dude welcome to the Boilermaker Club"
by Pishnagambo November 17, 2005
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