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The piece of skin that connects the penis to the ballsack.(scrodum)
Wow he is such a Bohan
I wnt to suck his Bohan
by alan December 06, 2004
to stay relaxed and stay cool.
" Hey man keep it Bohan"
by PENG! November 02, 2009
a despised individual, wearer of crap clothes, follower of the onion, dwesser
on prescription meds
shows pictures of other peoples clothes
that blokes a bohan look at his clothes
by casualAM January 20, 2014
Noun: The act of jumping off and killing yourself on accident in Super Smash Bros.
Aww I messed up, I just did a Bohan.
by brandondestroy January 01, 2010
Noun; Not making sense in your speech, blogs or IMs.
You're pulling a Bohan right now
by mrrkaytee December 24, 2009