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the act of being gangly as fuck, to the point where its hard for people to look at you without laughter.
Bitches call me Bogangles
by billybogangle April 16, 2010
3 3
The act of where a woman (or man depending on sexual preferance) cups the bottom of a mans testicals whilst they are hanging accordingly (usually with the man standing upright with legs open,looking like somewhat of an upside down Y), and bounces the up and down and back and forth until he can take no more and spurts into her cupped hand/wrist.

Pronounced: BOW - JANG - GULS
- yeah Melissa bogangled me last night
- I bogangled Eric this morning before work.
- The boss gives me the bogangles is NOT appropriate.
by Cornelius Von Crumpet III May 24, 2007
4 7