Well, it doesn't take a genius to realise,
being good at school can be cool. Put on your lab coats, BOFFINS RULE!
Umm... umm... I'd actually rather you didn't use the word "boffin", 'cause if anything it means "having sex".
by Andrea March 29, 2005
This is an insult used by fuckwits to demean intelligent people who are actually going to get somewhere in life instead of being a bum. such fucking idiots include townies, skanks and northerners.
Fuckwit: ''You're going to college? You boffin.''

Person who actually has integrity: '' Oh yeh i know, i'll just join you on the streets. FUCK OFF!''.
by BadLieutenant June 01, 2004
An insult used by idiots, to hide their jelousy, very lame excuse for being dumb.
Amilia: What did you get in science?
Amilia: I don't talk to boffins! Get out of ma face you geek! (sticks hand in Ro's Face
by Ro June 21, 2004
in younger secondary school terms, someone who has perfect uniform.
Em- Omg isnt megan such a boffin, and a T-P
Bex- Yeh, i mean, she always has her shirt tucked in, all the way round too.
by fukme June 05, 2007
Someone/thing cute.
Nawwwwww, boffin.

Shhhhhh, boffin.
by clo clo June 30, 2008

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