This is an insult used by fuckwits to demean intelligent people who are actually going to get somewhere in life instead of being a bum. such fucking idiots include townies, skanks and northerners.
Fuckwit: ''You're going to college? You boffin.''

Person who actually has integrity: '' Oh yeh i know, i'll just join you on the streets. FUCK OFF!''.
by BadLieutenant June 01, 2004
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An insult used by idiots, to hide their jelousy, very lame excuse for being dumb.
Amilia: What did you get in science?
Amilia: I don't talk to boffins! Get out of ma face you geek! (sticks hand in Ro's Face
by Ro June 21, 2004
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(v) the act of creeping on underclassmen. Usually done from a distance and if caught, make a witty remark or attempt an inside joke to escape the blame.
Ellen: so what did you do after school yesterday?

Sam: well I went boffin' but these freshmen almost caught me so I made a joke and ran!
by Horsejumper737 March 25, 2009
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in younger secondary school terms, someone who has perfect uniform.
Em- Omg isnt megan such a boffin, and a T-P
Bex- Yeh, i mean, she always has her shirt tucked in, all the way round too.
by fukme June 05, 2007
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Nawwwwww, boffin.

Shhhhhh, boffin.
by clo clo June 30, 2008
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