when you fuck or do something sexual with a wild animal: usually something small like a reptile or rabit
last night i was so bored that i started bobbing a frog i found in my back yard.
by Johannna September 23, 2006
Top Definition
Most commonly associated with a game involving apples, bobbing is a term used to describe the motion of ones head or upper torso when giving oral sex to a male.
I like to hold her hair and look her in the eyes when she's bobbing on my knob.
by J. S. Alexander January 19, 2006
The act of jerking off in front of an audience.
You were so drunk last night that you pulled out your dick and started bobbing in front of everyone!
by Sporto1 March 24, 2012
Verb; (Bob•in)

The act of wearing nice clothes. Typically, men are "bobbing" more often than women.
"Justin's bobbing today", "Ima be bobbin' today".
by ADD707 April 29, 2011
Replaces words such as going
Boy 1: "Are we bobbing out of this joint?"

Boy 2: "Yeah there aint no void to fill here."
by SexyMumma622746 February 19, 2009
the act of stripping down into your bra and underwear then running down the street
carly: wasnt bobbing fun?
vickie:yeah but katie and taylor stole our clothes.
carly:oh shit.....
by snc2 August 29, 2011
1. To tell a most ridiculous lie.
2. To ditch your friends to solely sit at home alone while jerking your dick.
Example 1 - Going to the WWF cafe and wrestling in the ring while onlookers cheered you on like you were hot shit is clearly a bobbed up story.
Example 2 - "Andrew bobbed his friends to sit at home and jerk off."
by Wardell April 15, 2005
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