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A short man who builds things. Also is short all around, AKA a small penis.
"Wow. Nice house."
"Yeah. Bob the Builder with the small penis built it."
by K-G. May 19, 2009
When 2 dilly construction workers put lemon pudding on the rim of their unshaven asshole and engage in anal sex.
give me a bob the builder
by Hennis November 30, 2006
The greatest kids show ever. His name is Bob he he can fix things with his super cool tools and his amazing talking trucks.

He also has a girlfriend but they are cool and don't make out in public.
Bob the Builder, CAN WE FIX IT? Bob the Builder, YES WE CAN!
by Cait Sith Fortune April 03, 2005
A guy who gives other guys boners , cuts them off and uses them as sex toys , then rapes the guy
by Dejana Williams September 15, 2011