It is when you get a turtle head that just barely is pushing out your ass like a little paintbrush and you procede to draw on your partner using that turtle head while still attached to your butt.
Last week during sex Travis gave Sally a Bob Ross.
by Direct Martian Attack July 08, 2010
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Modern painter and telivison teacher. Known for his large, white-man 'fro, punctual 30 minute painting sessions, and soothing voice. Often refers to the inanimate objects (trees, rocks, mountians etc.) he is painting as real and lonely, whereby out of pity he will paint another inanimate object as a 'friend' to the first. Paints against an all black background and is often shown on PBS in the wee hours of the morning.
"My botany Professor talks exactly like Bob Ross. He keeps calling flowers and trees 'happy' and placing them near each other because he claims they will become friends. And cause of his voice, I have yet to stay awake for an entire lecture."
by kwashia February 01, 2005
The greatest person alive. no, i'm kiddin, but you gotta love bob ross.
Bob: ok. . . now, we're gonna paint some happy little trees up here in the corner. . . that's right. now, i want oyu all to remember, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents. you can't make mistakes: your're sipmyy going to paint your dreams on canvas.
by st. cats girl June 22, 2005
(1) A great man who painted "Happy Trees" and made the world believe anyone could paint. (2)Something that is made to look easy, but once attempted, is very difficult to do.
I tried this new cake recipe I found online and it was a total Bob Ross. It looked easy to make, but from the pile of goop in my oven, it's more complicated than I thought!
by DeWinter June 11, 2007
The act of violently slapping a penis across a face like a wet paint brush. Derived from Bob Ross the painter when we cleans his paint brush.
I pulled out and Bob Rossed her face.
by KingerG March 11, 2015
The act of 1 man wiping the shit from another mans ass with his penis, then painting happy little mushrooms on his partners ass cheek.
After fucking his partner very sweetly, Chance Bob Ross'ed that guys blank ass canvas like a prison bitch.
by A Co Rhino June 12, 2016
A vagina that is never trimmed or shaved is known as a Bob Ross!
I bet that ugly chick has a Bob Ross in her panties!
by xwhite July 05, 2014
When a male has his erect penis inserted in a vagina, the male will insert his finger in the womans asshole. He takes his ass-juiced finger and wipes it on her upper lip, in a painting motion.
"I wanted Whitney to smell her ass, so I gave the bitch a Bob-Ross.'
by Aaron Harris November 19, 2007
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