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The act of a man using his penis like a paint brush in the hand of a master artist to smear semen onto the taint of his partner in an artistic way; preferably painting happy semen trees.
I don't need public access television to see painters, Kevin gave me a Bob Ross last night and I still can't wash it off my taint!
by rob fee May 01, 2008
1- non-hetero hack painter with a white-guy afro.

2- anyone who buck's up and goes through life happy despite the fact that everything around them is shit (like being a non-hetero hack painter with an afro, for example).
"hey timmy, you look down. you okay, girl?"

"yeah, i hooked up with this dude from my youth group last night. he was tossing my salad and i accidentally shit on him."


"yeah, my life is shit but i'm gonna bob ross it anyway."

"way to think happy thoughts, timmy."
by stu in the zoo April 22, 2007
The act of fucking someone "doggie style" pulling out before you orgasm and shooting your load on your partner's back and drawing a picture with the jizz.
Last night I hooked up with this chick I totally gave her the Bob Ross!!!
by Laurence S October 29, 2007