a heavy weight woman that is Down to fuck DTF
Me:Man Im so drunk Id hook up with any bore in this place.

Friend: dude as long as you got your boar tags.
Me: Man dont need them, its always boar season haha
by sammythejuice October 21, 2011
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To exhibit actions and/or behaviors of ignorance, self-centeredness, selfishness and a belief of superiority to others. Those who exhibit this type of behavior are often spoiled and embellish their own worth to gain attention, as well as suppress their own internal self consciousness of being substandard or worthless.

To 'boar' someone.

Adjective: Boar
Verb: Boaring
As an adjective:

- Jeff was being such a boar today.

- Jeff is a sad, fat, out of shape, boar.

As a verb:

- Last night at the party Jeff kept boaring all the guests.

- Jeff stop boaring every person we walk by.
by LawlessChoir December 08, 2012
Acronym for "Bend Over And Rape".

Conjugation is necessary for this acronym, since it is almost exclusively used as a verb. Usage is often, but not always, figurative.

Similar in usage to pwn.
I will BOAR you!

That n00b needs to be BOARed.
by JonMaker August 23, 2004
A animal, related to pigs, that nobody ever actually sees outside of the popular game "World of Warcraft" where they are usually treated has EXP fodder for low-level players. An exception to this are the Demonic Boars in Outland which will fuck your shit up if you are not careful.
Dude! I've been killing boars all day, I'm almost level 7!
by Exdeath644 November 13, 2010
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