A Word Greatly enjoyed by people who has tourette's.
"Dude must have tourette's."
by MikeJ April 17, 2007
an unusaul explitive, that can be substituted for shit or damn or really anything you want.
you spill your drink at the bar...."Bob Saget!!"
by Scott "Never Knows" September 24, 2007
a name you say in place of something that went bad
if you fall on your face you would say "bob saget"
by oxymoronic boner March 09, 2009
The most perverted comedian on the face of this earth.
Also played the dad role on the TV show Full House.
some guy1: "duuude!! Listen to this joke i heard on TV last night....."

some guy2: "that's Bob Saget for ya.."
by ~p!nk feathers~ July 01, 2009
The greatest actor ever. Many people hate him because they are just jealous that they are not as cool and suave as he is.

Bob is a favorite on the MMSB. He was supposedly in Mega Man X8, and Mega Man Zero 4. Even if he wasn't we can still pretend he was.

Oh yeah, and Bob Saget hangds out with the equally cool John Stamos in real life. They got eachother's back. Just like true friends.
Bob Saget sure is a great guy!
by Cait Sith Fortune April 03, 2005
A Pimp, an inevator of modern day television, and the coolest guy alive curently. You can never top Bob Saget, because he hooks up with more chicks than you ever will.

Bob Saget: Theres Shit EVERYWHERE!!!

Bob Saget: "What am I going to say? You gave me millions of dollars, you bastards?"

Bob Saget: "I'm kind of schizophrenic, literally,"
by JJJJJJJJKKKKKKKK February 17, 2007
A phrase commonly substituted for obscenities in an environment unsafe for foul language. It can be used in any context typical of swear words, but is most commonly articulated in the form of an exasperated exclamation of severe irritation, frustration, or unbridled rage.

An increasingly popular mannerism in the northern central United States.
Situation 1: General McChrystal, our forces in Afghanistan have been annihilated.

McChrystal: FUCK!

Situation 2: General McChrystal, our forces in Afghanistan have been annihilated.

McChrystal: BOB SAGET!
by Satanical Suave April 11, 2011
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