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Person someone whos strength surpasses that of any normal woman... or man.

uses brute force, such as a signature move, "The CLAW" to get revenge or for personal gain

to relieve tension, lets out high pitched yell.. almost comparable to that of the abomainable snowman

can be found listening to crunk music, eating cup noodles, primping hair, or dropping deuces
Bnuts is one sexy beast.
by TizzNiff July 10, 2008
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A combination of letters when the 'n' is accidentally input into the word 'but'. Most commonly occurring when one is typing to quickly for ones own good. (and not paying attention to the computer screen)
IM message #1: Bnut I don't think he'd liked me.
IM message #2: Who the f*ck is Bnut?!
IM message #1: Dude, I was looking at the keyboard as I was typing and typed 'bnut' instead of 'but'.
by Pinkvs511 August 02, 2009
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Can be found in a drug store purchasing anti swamp foot powder
Bnuts sure has some stinky feet
by Fcarter September 11, 2008
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"beneath the nuts" the area between the scrotum and the anus, also known as the "taint"
Have you ever sneezed so hard your B'nut cramped up?
by sassifrass June 10, 2008
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