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(n) flavored tobacco rolling papers that come in sealed packages to keep them fresh. most commonly used for rolling blunts of weed.
Chuck: yo, hit up the gas station and pickup some strawberry Blunt Wraps.
Vincent: word. I got the weed right here.
by James Beamish July 12, 2005
A rolling paper made out of homogenized tobacco. It usually has 2 parts, an inner binder and an outer wrapper. It burns very slowly and so you can fill it with pipe tobacco. A regular rolling paper burns too fast for pipe tobacco. Blunt Wraps usually come in a plastic package and dry out if you don't roll them right away.
Chris, what you smokin? I rolled a blunt wrap with cherry vanilla cavendish and the shit is beyond dope boy!

Can I try it? No, I don't want your drool on my cigar!
by CherryVanillalover June 28, 2009
A bluntwrap had got to be the worst fucking cigar wrap ever. DO NOT get these if you are a pot-smoker. They are horrible for you, shitty to roll and always rip. If you want something good get yourself a bluntville or a dutch. holla!
John is such a fucking idiot. i told him to pick up a dutch and the stupid fuck brought me a bluntwrap. Shit burned away in two seconds.
by iiTSdahlynYO August 10, 2010
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