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When a male is sitting on the toilet, taking a dump and a girl is giving a blowjob at the same time.
When trailer trash whores having nothing else better to do than having sex with their nephews
by Ezekiel November 11, 2003
A way to say good-bye from chatrooms. May be confused as an invitation to do dirty sex act.
Amy: Bye everyone!
Tom: Blumper Amy!
Amy: Ok, when and where?
Tom: ...
by vj28.8 January 01, 2011
A blowjob while on a bycicle, usually on a bicycle with two seats.
Me and Jessica Simpson were riding down the street on my bycicle ,and she grabbed my dick and gave me a blumper.
by bengalmans Unforgiving Nephew October 04, 2009
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