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Ones head or the general area around it.
That guy is such a harsh barge that he smacked his domepiece
by Squanto February 29, 2004
247 117
Another name for your head. Usually used in connection with striking your head.
I just cracked you up side the dome piece!
You just got your dome piece smacked around!
by T-Dog! February 27, 2003
197 68
1. Another name for your head.
2. A freestyle, (right off the dome)
1.John: Yo! That dude got kicked in his Dome Piece!
2. Yo, that Dome Piece you just spit was hot!
by Tylernnnnnnn December 08, 2010
51 13
another word for head
"Eric has a huge dome piece"
by jtd16 April 09, 2010
39 25
Gang slang for head
Ohhhhh mayun i shot dat boi straight up in the domepiece
by B Rose June 09, 2010
14 8
A person (usually female) that is used specifically for a blowjob
Dome refers to head, which is one of the main body parts associated with a blowjob.
Related to the terms asspiece (piece of ass) or dimepiece
Guy 1: "Damn, look at that chick!"
Guy 2: "Why her? She has no tits or ass"
Guy 1: "But dude, she is a TOTAL domepiece"
by a sexy dolphin April 07, 2014
0 1
1) A Female That Likes To Perform Sexual Acts With Many Males

2) A Female Thats Life Revolves Around Penis

3) A Female From John Jay High School
In Conversation:

"...That Lauren is such a dome piece..."

"...Do you see that dome piece over there?..."
by 420foxlane420 February 03, 2010
41 42