A breakfast sandwhich from the sandwhich chain Blimpies. Not to be confused with blumpkin.
Blumpkins!!! Those are delicious!!! Wait we are talking about the sandwhich right? o wait thats a bluffin
by Chuckle Town September 22, 2008
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Top Definition
Fakin' , to say you are going to do something but then dont, lying
Anthony: Yoo you a straight Bluffin', where my weed at? you said you had it

Kendra: Nahh yo, cameron straight intercept that joint, so i aint got none
by yowheredamoneyat January 18, 2011
Like it's brother, the "blumpkin", it is the art of recieving fellatio while attempting to evacuate one's bowels. Only the twist with the more mischevious Bluffin is that only flatulence is produced.
Connie: "Want a blumpkin baby?"
Josh: "I thought you'd never ask..."

*Connie initiates fillatio & prepares for the ladder*
Josh: "I don't think I can...I just farted, no product...It's a Bluffin baby..."
Connie: "Better luck next time!"
by Dracotic June 11, 2009

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