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Basically means you lying about something that you do or don't do. Another word for fronting, saying you have something that you don't have, or that you do something you don't really do, etc. Back in the day, we used to call in perpin, perpatrating, etc.
A girl who says she don't fuck on the first date, when everyone knows that she usually does, that's body bluffin'

A dude who pushing a big milky benz like it's his, when in reality, he's renting it, that's body bluffin'

For more examples, please see the Papoose Song "Body Bluffin'".
by Robzilla06 April 30, 2006
A ghetto-dwelling or ghetto-acting african-american female who goes to a church. She also claims she loves jesus and god. However, the female still retains the hoodrat mentality. Stank attitude, bad weave, still putting out babies by different fathers, etc. She is still a textbook hoodrat, she just goes to church now.
Damn, look at that churchrat. She tells me I need jesus, but she had sex with my boy doggystyle last week!!!!

My girl just turned into a churchrat. She still a hoodrat, but now she goes to church on sunday.
by Robzilla06 December 19, 2008
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