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An abstract dragon.

Also the name of an art piece done by Dracotic...
I'm not sure if it's just a blob or a dragon...must be an abstragon...
by Dracotic July 31, 2007
An other term for a scrotum.
Dude, check out this gay porn...There's a guy that's contact juggling a black man's skin beard...
by Dracotic September 25, 2010
A shortened version of "Fuck load of"...
Damn, there's a phukloada bitches in the pantry...Tell 'em we ain't got no mo Mojito...
by Dracotic December 20, 2009
The act of defication with three or more willing participants...
Yo Dookie, wanna go with me to that group doo doo this afternoon?

Nah, I just had me one of those self-help sessions...
by Dracotic June 11, 2009
The not-so-legendary pirate & gay cousin of Black Beard. Known for his love of the white frothy seas, Skin Beard is renowned for his looks - The scrotum chin, unbound by the traditional beard.
Bro #1 - Does that man have a...Ball sack for a chin?

Bro #2 - Muthafucka, that's Skin Beard. Don't say anything in front of him though, he's sensitive about it.
by Dracotic January 21, 2011
The art of manipulating a man's testicles. The act should appear to be very fluid and magical, similar to Fushigi.
Mike - "Bro, I totally had some chick blow-bang me last night."

Chris - "Oh yeah? Was she pro?"

Mike - "Fuck yeah, I put my junk right in front of this bitch's face & she started contact juggling my balls. It was magic."
by Dracotic September 25, 2010
A silly person of african descent.
Hehehe, that black man just threw some D's on dat bitch...What a snig!
by Dracotic July 31, 2007

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