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When a streaming internet video (i.e. p0rn) just refuses to finish buffering so you can actually watch it.
"Did you watch that video i sent you?" "I would but the stupid thing won't stop bluffering."
by cabbagepants November 17, 2007
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When waiting for something to finish on the computer but it does not report its progress correctly
The progress bar seemed to be moving fine but it was bluffering
by DiskJunky March 04, 2008
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How well someone to keeps up an ongoing lie or the consistency of someone making up lies.
Jerry's been bluffering all night about his non-existent girlfriend, hoping no one catches on.

Roger's bluffering has been getting sloppy. He's always covering up the cracks that we poke in his lies.
by Nada Johna April 15, 2011
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