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To 'Blue Jack', you first need a phone that is bluetooth enabled. Then you create a new contact on your phone, for example, name it something like 'Nice ass' or whatever you like, then send it via bluetooth or send a business card via bluetooth and it will search for the devices which have bluetooth enabled.
If it doesn't find one, it's probably because there are none, so you would need to go to a busier place that has phones, e.g. a big phone shop.
They will receive it and be confused. If you can find out who they are, it's even better as you can comment on the by changing the 'nice ass' contact to the colour of their clothes or looks etc. or even send them a photo of themself via bluetooth.
This 'service' is a free and can be made confidential as well.
'I was in a busy shop the other day so I thought i'd try out some Blue Jacking!'
by Alex Buirds March 19, 2004
18 10
when you start jacking off but can't finish.
to achieve the ultimate orgasm kirk started by blue jacking 6 times in a row before finishing himself off.

the rev was in the middle of jacking off but had to stop when someone knocked on his office door.
by dc blumpkin June 15, 2009
3 0
The same as Blue Jacking.
'I was in a busy shop the other day so I thought i'd try out some Bluejacking!'
by Alex Buirds March 20, 2004
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This is the process of using a function on a bluetooth enabled phone, normally a Sony Ericsson, and browsing someones files without the permisson. If you take something, this is bluejacking.
Did you hear about Paris Hilton? Her phone got bluejacked and her sex video got out!
by YidMaster2144 July 08, 2005
3 20