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the type of magic that allows a character to copy the attacks of his/her Opponent by watching or being hit with the attack. blue magic is different than Mimicking in the sense that one can permanently learn the attack with blue magic.
"Damn Jimmy how did you learn how to spit fire" "I used blue magic after watching you get pwned by that dragon"
by Jimmyjimmy April 11, 2006
27 85
Heroin thats 100% pure and turns blue when u put some chemical to it. It could be smoked because it's pure enough as opposed to injected. Frank Lucas used it as the brand name for the heroin he was selling during the late 60's and early 70's. He made millions off of this because he was able to cut off the middle men and go directly to the source in vietnam to buy it. Jay-z also made a song called "Blue Magic" on his soundtrack "American Gangster" based off the movie.
"Blue Magic, that's a brand name, like pepsi. That's a brand name, I stand behind it, I guarantee it. They know that even if they don't know me any more than they know the chairman of General Mills"
by YO wutt it dew November 04, 2007
325 156
Blue magic is what Harlem kingpin Frank Lucas labeled on his heroin. In other words, another name for heroin.
"Blue Magic,that's a brand name." A line from the movie "American Gangster"
by Lamont Anderson October 31, 2007
101 78
The stamp name of the half gram bags of heroin sold by infamous drug lord Frank Lucas in Harlem during the later 1960's till around 1975. Known for its high purity and for causing overdoses in hundreds of addicts.
Did you try out those Blue Magic bags yet?

Nah man, but I hear their the shit. My boy fell out after one hit, and hes been slamming for 10 years!

God damn, that must be some good shit! I'm gonna hustle a few bucks and hit the cop spot!
by exdopefiend November 13, 2007
66 66
Maybe the greatest non-Thom Bell or Gamble-Huff produced Philly Soul Act of the 1970s, led by the sweeet songwriting wizard Ted Mills. A lot better for you than the stuff described in other definitions
Toy: I'll trade you my copy of the O'Jays Survival LP for your copy of Thirteen Blue Magic Lane.
Me: Have you been banging some blue magic or something?
by seoul freq July 03, 2009
23 25
A hair grease that a lot of black grandmothers and mothers swear by. Usually used in excess, and most often applied before the hot comb is used.
Often seen on the heads of little girls.
Tacky feel to it.
"Girl, go get that blue magic so i can run this hot comb through ya hair!"
by snaxalot August 31, 2008
28 33
The name is a reference to a potent form of heroin sold by Frank Lucas at the height of his drug trade in Harlem.
Yo, u wanna buy some blue magic?
by DoPeMaNoRiGiNaTor November 17, 2007
22 28
A phrase used when someone takes something that is already at its best or good and cuts it down or makes unneccessary changes. (In reference to the film American Gangster where other associates of Frank Lucas use his heroin for their own purposes cutting it down and denegrating it while still calling it Blue Magic)
A bartender pours a customer Petron on ice and the customer takes the drink and ask to add fruit juice or soda to the drink his friend would hate on him: "Blue Magic man! Blue Magic!"
by AurelioT March 08, 2010
1 9