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A hot comb is a metal comb that is heated up and run though an African American's, most often a female, hair. It is a way of having unpermed hair straightened.
The young girl sat still on the wooden stool so that her mother wouldn't burn her with the <i>hot comb</i>.
by K. Thomas May 04, 2004
to be a female that has many sexual encounters with many men in a short period of time typically resulting in STD's
"Ay bro i wouldnt talk to her she a hot comb."
" dat girl a hot comb get too close an she'll burn u."
"ay dat gurl a hot comb she burnin."
by J- pezzy September 12, 2006
A name for a really ghetto, sassy and annoying black girl.
That hot comb working at the bank has no conception of customer service.
by Trev. April 15, 2006

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