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When one has to take a shit with great force. Causing your bathroom to smell horrible and sometimes causing explosion outlines inside your toilet bowl.
Oh man this burrito I just ate fucked up my stomach! Im gonna blow it up when I get to your house!
by Lord Father March 23, 2007
A celebratory gesture which builds upon the pound it, meant to replace the high five. To "blow it up" you simply pound fists and while retracting from the pound both parties open their fists quickly while making an exploding sound.
Jason Statham just gave another punk the hard 20. Blow it up!
by J Kotula February 19, 2007
the act of pounding a closed fists, between friends, that ends with all of you fingers being fully extended, between both parties.
" Alright dude, see you later, blow it up."
by Brendyn Adams April 15, 2008
The act of not pulling out and filling a girls vagina up with your man cum
BuckNasty "Damn son I met this 18 year old at a hotel cuz her parents were home and I banged her out"

friend "Did you blow it up"?

BuckNasty "like a fucking balloon"
by ToeKNEE266 July 05, 2011
(V.) to take a shit, especially a big ol' nasty one
Oh I ate too much food, I'm gonna have to blow it up when we get home.
by Crizzam November 03, 2005
1. A term often used by preppy teen girls who think they are "different" when they say it.

2. A stupid phrase that never should have been invented.

3. A myspace term to describe an inflow of texts.
1. Ashley on myspace, "GETTiNG OfF HURR&; BlOW iT UP?"

Me, "Blow it up?"

2. Girl in airport, "Oh I'll here from him in a minute. My phone is about to blow up."
by iKillzombies August 26, 2009
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