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First used in Mr. Natural Comix, circa 1968...the sound made when one ejaculates into another's mouth (in Mr. Natural's case, a Big Baby). Similar to the classic Batman onomotopoea's, such as "paff" "oof" or "spwack"...only, dirtier.
Blorp is indicative of not a thin, mealy stream of ejaculate, no...it suggests something grander, more substantial, like a massive snowball of cum.
Consider the following dialogue:

Robin: "Mrrrphhh!"
Batman: "Oh, oh shit...I'm gonna cum!"


Robin: "Whillakers, Batman, that was quite a Bat-load!"
by baby jane December 23, 2007
Random garble made up by a random person. It is used to express boredom.
So-and-so says:
by Cameron April 14, 2004
The sound made by a marble falling into a glass of milk.
He dropped the marble into the milk and it went *blorp.*
by iGeek July 22, 2009
The sound that most closely approximates the way seals and penguins look. Can also be applied to narwhals, walruses &c.
Look at the blorp on that elephant seal. See how the penguins blorp.
by cybik November 18, 2011
The sound a cat makes right at the point of expelling a lodged hairball. Usually, the lodged hairball is accompanied by a massive amount of cat vomit. Not to be confused with the hacking required to bring the hairball to the point of expulsion.
My cat blorped on the carpet! Cat: hack, cough, sneeze, choke, hack, BLORP!
by FWCO March 10, 2008
An exclamation made while belching
Person 1: *Blorp*

Person 2: "Good one."
by sam May 04, 2004
An oversized, hideously ugly man or woman who leeches off of anyone around them.
I can't believe that blorp tried to steal my lunch!
by X_L_R_X June 13, 2008