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Placing one's fist into another's rectum (also known as fisting) and then proceeding to fanning open the hand and fingers, creating a blooming onion-like appearance.
I gave Kirk a blooming onion after he passed out.
by Taylor, B October 29, 2005
A woman's genitalia that hasn't been properly cleansed over the course of a week to month. In order to be a blooming onion, this vagina has to have an odor that burns a man, or woman's, eyes as they approach for oral intercourse. When spreading the vaginal lips apart, one must cry from the odor, else the genitalia isn't a proper blooming onion.
Evan was so drunk last night, he licked a prostitute's blooming onion. He woke up this morning with a hangover, a bad taste in his mouth, and crazy red eyes from crying all night long!
by Mr. Booze May 13, 2010
The used and abused asshole of a slut job whore.
"Man, when she took of her dress and asked me to fuck her in the bum, my eyes popped out when I saw that blooming onion staring at me."
by Jtron 3000 September 08, 2003