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A blowjob given whilst the recipient is using Google for thoughtful research.

It is considered by some experts to be the greatest example of the Pavlovian reward cycle.
Gentleman 1: Dude, did you know that you're not supposed to throw rice at weddings anymore?

Gentleman 2: You're kidding! How do you know that?

Gentleman 1: It's true! I found out while my girlfriend was Bloogling me last night. Birds eat the rice and their stomach freaking explodes!

Gentleman 2: Hell yeah! Bloogles are the best
by Dr. Milo Hutchinson August 10, 2008
When you use google to find a blog. Rather useless in our society but bloogling is the bast way to find a blog.
Bob - "Do you know any decent blogs about kittens. I like kittens"

Fred - "Nope. You should bloogle it. Its how I found that blog about puppydog shaped cheesecakes"
by Fred Bobert Nomation October 28, 2008

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