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A Blow Job given by a high school girl to a college guy.
Hey man I heard Baker got a blogan from a high school girl at the party last night.
by Sethamphetamine Bergler July 28, 2011
A bogan who blogs.

Combination of blog and bogan.

Typically blogans, on top of being ignorant fucktards, also voice their opinions very freely and get much too much airtime and attention just because they ignorantly (or intentionally) stir the pot with their bullshit.

Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine are two examples of well known Australian blogans.
"Andrew Bolt is such a fucking blogan!"

"Miranda Devine is a bigger fucking blogan than that fucking ignorant blogan fucktard Andrew Bolt"

"One day blogans will be hauled before a court for their crimes against humanity, making people thing global warming is not real, and hence skewing public opinion towards inaction."
by tavatimsa January 27, 2012
A blow job from Hulk Hogan.
Yo,I went out last night with hulk,and got a blogan
by Phil D, July 17, 2008
While sitting having nice steamy steamy poop, a girl or partner comes along and gives you a blowjob
Man-Baby i need a blow job but I also need a poop
Girl- oh well in that case il give you a blogan
by keegs26 May 14, 2013
A Bogan from Logan.
A Logan Shire resident would be referred to as a Bogan. They often buy cheap beer and VN commodores in groups – Blogans.
by Joshua_G October 15, 2008
Citizen of Blogville. One who blogs for a living.
Rachel is such a blogan...she writes every morning.
by Brian Graham March 13, 2008

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