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A bogan who blogs.

Combination of blog and bogan.

Typically blogans, on top of being ignorant fucktards, also voice their opinions very freely and get much too much airtime and attention just because they ignorantly (or intentionally) stir the pot with their bullshit.

Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine are two examples of well known Australian blogans.
"Andrew Bolt is such a fucking blogan!"

"Miranda Devine is a bigger fucking blogan than that fucking ignorant blogan fucktard Andrew Bolt"

"One day blogans will be hauled before a court for their crimes against humanity, making people thing global warming is not real, and hence skewing public opinion towards inaction."
by tavatimsa January 27, 2012
theel verb, thelt, theel·ing, noun

To perceive thought and feeling at the same time.

Derived by combining the words "think" and "feel" which otherwise seem mutually exclusive.

Theel combines them to allow a broader experience and is also closely linked to people's intuition.

The clearer a person is able to theel the more honed their intuition will be.
"I theel it's a good sad idea."
"I can theel that person over there is upset."
"Just do what you theel is right"
"I theel that she likes me but I can't be sure"
by tavatimsa January 27, 2012

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