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the head on yo' shoulders!! --duh! thats like the only RIGHT definition!
i'll take out my glock, and knock yo *block* off!!!
by Stepz May 14, 2005
To stand in the way of a teammate during counterstrike preventing them from getting to cover. Annoying when you're being shot at, and try to hide, but cannot move because there's a teammate in the way.
PMG, that n00b blocker just got me killed when trying to reload!
by xyvo July 19, 2005
as in "cinderblock"; means hot
kid, its mad block up in here
by gedhgrsd November 25, 2008
A word sometimes used to describe a fat chick.
Was the club poppin?

Man it wasn't nuthin but blocks in there.
by jimmy March 01, 2005
Gang rape method used by scumbags to trap a victim by 'blocking' them from escape
yo we blocked up sum biatch last night coz the music sedz we shudz.
by slant September 26, 2006
(Pharse) to end a (Jinx)
"Oi Roy you're a cock!"
"Jinx!! I cou....."
"Block!!" *Dance*
by Eliot Bradshaw January 08, 2004
a word you can call someone in this fantastically confusing complement that is acctually a diss.
congradulations you're smarter than the average block!
by caitlin August 31, 2004