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A fictional game used in Final Fantasy X. The object is to hit the ball into the other person's goal.
Jecht is the Blitzball champ.
by Mesna January 13, 2004
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A fictitious game from the novel A Separate Peace that combines the elements of soccer, American football and the Blitzkrieg to form a fast-paced and unpredictable activity.
Finny accidentally created the game of Blitzball while playing on the field with Gene.
by mr_shling April 23, 2004
1)FFX Sidegame.
2)The coolest member of Silver Legion ever.
3)Another name for Blitz.
4)Prefect of Crusader Cohort.
5)Former Prefect of the Dragon Cohort.
DarkElf>Hey BlitzBall, you rock!
BlitzBall>I know.
by BlitzBall May 06, 2004
It's a random uk tart, known coz of his escapes giving back to enemies.
He's a random uk tart = He's a blitzball
by Anz December 02, 2003
Random UK tart.
14:41:00 @maniaco: blitz is random uk tart.
by manisucks December 02, 2003

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