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A homoerotic book depicting sexually-frustrated young adolesents. Narrated by Gene Forrester, the paranoid gay emo kid.

Sparknote even says so.
A Separate Peace, aka literature porn

"...and I lost part of myself to him then, and...this must have been my purpose from the first: to become part of Phineas."

"Brinker's healthy, determined, not over-exaggerated but definate and substantial buttocks"
by Bubble Tea October 23, 2007
yaoi lite which became required literature
Gene: finny I love you!!
Finny: what
Gene: nvm lol ::push::
by madii April 18, 2005
A book about Gene(gay) and Finny(Metro) in a boarding school in New England during WWII. No, they don't have hot pasionate gay sex, but they are gay. No staright guy looks at another guys ass, describes a friends chest, or another guys "hot" bod!
OMFG! A Separate Peace is such a gay book, Jack.
Well dur Amanda, thats why are teacher made us read it
Lets give it to Steve!
Good idea!
by Jackenny September 20, 2007
a horrible book based on philips exter acadmey (a very good private school) in new hampshire that is very common required reading in highschools across the country
this blows we have to read a separate peace
by orballa4life March 17, 2006
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