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Manliest character ever made by Square Enix, he is considered the reincarnation of Chuck Norris and a child-beating father of Final Fantasy. Armed with his Jeeecchhtoooo Fingaaaaaaa that's deadlier than the Falcon Punch, and his variety of self-honed battle skills from repeatedly beating his child, Tidus, he is considered top-tier in Square Enix's new release, Final Fantasy: Dissidia.
Ex. 1: The reason why most of the Final Fantasy cast in Dissidia are all bishies is because Jecht took all of the manliness from them. Especially Kuja.

Ex. 2: Sephiroth attempted to summon Jecht, but only got Meteor.

Ex. 3: Jecht made Cid drink his tea.

Ex. 4: Jecht has been described as rocking a "Surf Bum" look. If by surf you mean "Oh dear lord what are you doing to my legs" and by bum you mean "I am not worthy of Jecht's manliness", then yes, he is.
by Jechto fingaaa January 14, 2009
I don't know what chode goblin went around telling people that a jecht was the bead inside a vagina, but it's definitely NOT. A jecht is, infact, the the specific part of your ass that is brown and wrinkled, right before entering the rectum. A jecht has nothing to do with a vagina, you fucking retards. Most commonly, it's used as an insult.
Prison sex expands the width of your jecht.
Your mom licked my jecht last night.
by Shut the fuck up. June 20, 2006
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