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A noun, verb, or adjective used to describe feelings of laziness, frustration, boredom, despair, or disappointment.
I don't feel like going out tonight. I'm just going to stay in and blep around.

Oh, she's wearing her blep pants, you can see her pad through them.

I feel so hungover and bleppy.

This semester has been such a blep, we havn't done anything fun.
by MileyAndOtis April 03, 2009
A word to describe something gross, usually (but not always) food related.
Boy: I dare you to eat that rotten egg!!
Girl: NO WAY!! Blep.

Zoe: I have pink eye, my eye's oozing.
Ashley: Blep.
by rapidashley March 19, 2011
blep comes from birmingham, it a way of expressing yourself after doing something good....
e.g yo don dat shot was like BLEP
sik catch blud, BLEP!
by Lance Latchman January 08, 2008
the act of hurting someone physically
"ise gonna bleps you wel ard. gayboi"
by jimmyjazz December 14, 2004
the ultimate dis, and worst word on the face of this earth!!!
you look like crap today, ya well you are a blep!
by homefry18 January 13, 2010
Blep, he is that kid that hangs around in #Chatchan for no reason at all. No one likes him, hates behind his back. Has no meaning for anything.
Bob: Wow Austin! You're such a Blep! | Austin: I am Blep idiot!
by Blepness June 25, 2009