A word used when someone just gives up on what they are going to say
It was like, like, like... Bleh.
by Raddichio December 23, 2004
Bleh can now be seen as the opposite of blah. something that is hip, cool. stylish, stands out, sweet and not plain boring. Probably the coolest newest use of a word.
If someone yells "bleeeeeh!" as a car drives by, then the car is probably really cool or tricked out. If someone says "i'm wearing all bleh," it means they are wearing cool, hip clothing.
If you don't believe this definition then your probably not all bleeeh anymore. Its like the word "ill", "sick", "gnarly" in that it means sort of the opposite when said the right way. This is the coolest newest use of a word. "The word "bleh" is all Bleeeh!"
by supertroopers July 16, 2009
bleh; used to disregard a statement by a superior in a tight situation.
"how much work have you done this lesson"
see blah
a. I'm feeling kinda bleh ..
b. BLEH! This is ridiculous!
by Pixie December 06, 2003
The thing that all cartoon vampires, and some who aren't cartoons, have to say
"Bleh! Bleh! I'm going to suck your blood!" said the vampire.
by james April 14, 2003
a bleh is a beer in every single country. Don't believe me? next time you're @ the bar/pub ask for a BLEH.
"hey, can i have a BLEH?"
You mean a beer?
"I said i want a BLEH."
A beer it is then.
by chuysuauce July 25, 2008
To show disgustion in a certain act, by pretending to gag or hurl
Ew, your feet are Bleh!
by skillz October 11, 2004
When spoken by the non-Tenor, "bleh" is a simple interjection. However, when spoken by a Tenor, "bleh" transcends all languages, and can mean anything that the Tenor speaker wishes it to. This extremely advanced form of communication is understood and spoken only by Tenors.
"Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh." Translation: "Wow, she's really cute, I wonder if I could get her phone number... Wait a second, I'm a Tenor, of course I can."
by The Legendary Tenor August 01, 2003
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