An exclamation made when jumping out and ambushing someone out of nowhere.
Goldie, the manly female pirate: "Look! She's got gold on her shoes!" Trots over with arms outstretched menacingly and hops in front of the tourist. "BLEH!"
by abuckanear January 16, 2009
Bleh is a subitute Word for Alcohol.
"Ayyy, Can you get us some Bleh?"
"I'm ready to get Blehhed up."
"Wooo, That bleh is good!"
by Miss Rodda Rodda Rodda December 08, 2008
the worst word ever
"omg thats the WORST word EVER"
by meh is better May 13, 2010
The answer to all questions, a means in wich people can show emotion, a realy fun word to say, life the universe and everything else.
Teacher: The square root of 86 is
Student: Bleh
Teahcer: THats right
Man to woman: Bleh
same woman to same man: realy? That is so sweet. Bleh
by Alex Bradley (adb007123) November 06, 2005
The sound one makes as they puke their hearts out.
I love you so so much Sam... BLEH *and the night is ruined*...
by Barbie0822 July 24, 2005
BLEH! is a silence breaker, it will restart any conversation when it gets quiet. It was invented by me in an RE lesson at school :)
John: Soooooooooooooooo..........
Jack: *cough*
(tumbleweed rolls past)
Adam: BLEH!
John: haha
Jack: haha so whats everyone doing tonight?
by Adam Doe February 10, 2007
Bleh is a word commonly used by ATV users/riders. This word is worldly known as "Would You Like To Go Quadding/Riding/ATVing". People often refer it was Quadding/Atving/Riding. This word has recently been added to the "popular" lingo, and I guess if your cool, you will get others to use this aswell.
Nick: Bleh Friday?
Devon: Nah Man Im In Hawaii And I Cant Quad with you now.
by HmMmMM12313azazaz August 20, 2006

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