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UrbanDictionary without the vowels.
Hey, let's go check out rbndctnry!
by Lavos April 16, 2005
A deliberate, usually racist attack upon a certain individual. Often shortened to simply 'Stormed'.
Lavos: rofl, Soup's a wetback
Soup: Fuck you, Lavos!
Glenn: ahaha, Soup was Negrostormed
by Lavos April 13, 2005
A general refrence to someone who is totally better than everyone. An adjective of excitement.
"That guy is a total Lavos"
"Dude, that's totally Lavos!"
by Lavos March 14, 2004
A unique insult. A clear combination of bitch and flake. Also an ingenious punk rock band
Mobius: STFU Glenn
Glenn: Lavos is a fucktard
Mobius: PWNED
Shaft: OWNED
by Lavos October 20, 2004
The lamest thing since Alf's Original Talk Show. An alien/puppet character named Alf interviews B Class celebrities. See curbstomp.
I'd like to curbstomp Alf.
by Lavos October 25, 2004
The unofficial name for the Korean game gunbound. Often called Gookbound because of it's infestation of Asians and Mexicans. The phrase Gookbound is used because Wetbackbound sounds quite lame.
g00k1: siao liao ^_^
wetback1: jajajajaja
g00k2: kekeke liao ^_~
by Lavos October 25, 2004
A tired person saying blow.
Just bleh me!
by Lavos March 14, 2004

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