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A derogatory name for a black person. This is a synonym to nigger, and like the monday definition this word can be used at a higher volume without the accompanying looks of disgust or killing.
A1: Its getting pretty dark in here.

A2: This place is bleer central, lets get the hell out before the african rituals start.

A1: Good idea, this place sucks anyway, I hope they go out of business.
by BronzeBullocks December 04, 2009
Plural for diaper in danish
Baby Erik goes through so many bleers, we can't keep up!
by zedle February 29, 2012
head,dome,oral sex
i caught a bleer from kara at the party
by matte October 13, 2003
A word used to express disgust.
"Bleer! That drink was disgusting!"
by Corinne Simpson October 14, 2006
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