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A word that is an exuberance of emotion as a result of boredom.
The first guy: HEY BUDDY! What's up? Other guy: Blarb.
by Carlow Motowski December 25, 2004
What you call a human that has reached the fattest point known to man. These people are sometimes mistaken for bovine.
"Is that a cow in your living room?"
"No it's just one blarb SOB"
by B to the Rock December 12, 2004
noun. A blob of garbage.
I was throwing away my finished McDonald's when I saw a blarb at the bottom of the trash.

That blarb I stepped in Friday still smells up the garage.
by Sam Rothstein September 05, 2007
to smoke the maryjane
I just went to the beach and blarbed.
by Cheenies February 21, 2007