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TAB for short. Blakelock is a pretty down to earth school, considering it's in Oakville. Notorious for drugs, you can't go into a hall without seeing someone baked out of their minds.

We've got some pretty cool people, a lot of hot chicks, (same goes for attractive guys). Our school sports team owns, and is probobly the best school, if not the best, school for sports in Halton. Most of the girls watch the OC, while a lot of the guys play poker. Everyone drinks and/or smokes pot, a lot also do both(obviously)

The smokers have their own area known as the 'pit', and even though it's on school property, the teachers don't do shit. We have a cafetria with two levels, and a store were you can buy paper and stuff called Tab'ard.

The teachers are cool, the students are cool, what more could you ask for?
Dude 1: yo, wanna skip and get baked?

Dude 2: naw, Im gonna go to the caf and probobly play some cards.

Dude 1: Blakelock Rox

Dude 2: true dat
by Blakelock_girl January 07, 2006
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