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City nestled in the rolling mountains of southwest Virginia.
Man, today is a really beautiful in Blackbarts.

I just got back in the 'Bart!
by King Crabs April 17, 2008
the act of burping, farting, and shitting yourself at the same time
The last time I had the flu, I couldn't stop Black Barting all over the place.
by SaltineWizard October 04, 2015
One hairy boong usually found lurking on EnterTheGame. Thinks he can play CS but he's just an average goon drinking, petrol sniffer from down south.
blackbart: LOL Me and Malcolm drank 8 litres of goon each and didnt even get drunk
Squatdog: err...
by Squatdog January 20, 2005
a big time truck driver who cant seem to stay on the road. beep beep.
do you see the size of those ruts. Black Bart has struck again.
by large marge 19 July 02, 2010
A notorious bandit early days of caleefornia
black bart stagecoach bandit rides again in east Los Angeles " let me have your car " mexican law " we don't want take your car for nothin "..
by itichie_nocanpo July 08, 2006
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