Irish people that are either dark-skinned, or have dark hair. Contrasting to what some people think, it's not AT ALL related to African-Americans. Which means, that Stuart, whatever you are, you're not black, and have no right to say you are. Also

Also, very dark Irish Creme-flavored coffee.
Stuart: "Actually Dom, I am part black."

Dom: "No you're not. You are part retarded."

Stuart: "No seriously! My grandpa is black Irish."

Dom: "Okay. But how did Africans get to Ireland? My people sure as hell didn't swim there. If we won't get in a bath tub, we sure as hell won't jump in an ocean."

Stuart: "I'm not sure, but either way, I'm part African-American."

Dom: "Whatever, your skin looks like paper, and your hair isn't even as dark as my skin. Bye Stuart...but watch what you say since you're 'black'. I'll still kick your ass if you say it."

"Coffee today, ma'm?"
"Sure, black Irish, please."
by Domonic January 24, 2007
Full Irish men who have dark black hair instead of the stereotypical red hair and freckles. Origin: in 1600's after the Spanish Armada was obliterated; sailors washed upon the Irish shores, not being able to speak any Gaelic were able to reproduce and had children with black hair.
That little Murphy boy doesn't have hair like his brothers, he is a black Irish, that or his mother's a whore.
by Travis Young June 03, 2007
The 2007-2008 Boston Celtics. With such players like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. The name was given by the comedian Cheryl Underwood.
John:Yo man, you see them African American leprechauns jumping up and down the court last night?
Dave: Dude, wtf?
John: The Black Irish man. The Boston Celtics. They cold bruh.
by bostonma1234 June 18, 2008
The descendants of Spanish-Armada-era marriages between shipwrecked Spanish sailors and the women of the island that they nearly invariably washed up on, Ireland. They had no practical way to return to Spain (due to a complete lack of a large enough vessel to sail the north atlantic), and therefore lived out the remainder of their lives on the emerald isle. Their multiracial children had skin of a darker hue than the often pale Irish, and in accordance with the notoriety of Irish racism, these children were labeled "Black Irish" and often found themselves to be outcasts. Centuries of generational breeding have pretty much eliminated any noticeable difference between those with Black Irish blood and those without.
Juan O'malley is Black Irish.
by Phunkspace March 03, 2005
The most gangsta Irish out there. Don't take no shit. Of Armada era Spanish descent and have brown or very dark hair compaired to the lighter colours like red found on the regular Irish.
That fine looking guy over there with the pimp-nigger swagger, dark hair and great jaw line. He wouldn't happen to be Black Irish would he?
by Pimp-Master J May 09, 2006
Opposite of the Red haired, green/blue eyed, and extremly light skin common Irish in the sense that the "black" irish have black hair and brown eyes.Many black Irish are decendents of the Spainish and northern Italian europeans.
Guy 1 - Is that guy in hell's kitchen an italian!?
Guy 2 - Sort of, Black Irish,He's a mixture of native irish and some other southern european country, but since black hair and brown eyes is a dominate trait you can't really tell he's an irish boy.
by Rick343 November 17, 2005
when your irish but you have spanish or italian ancestors therefore you have dark hair or olive skin!
my dad is black Irish as he has italian in him!!!!
by i dunno? April 15, 2005

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