Black people, who used to stand for racism, but are now monkeys, who shoot white people, scream alot, and eat water melons.
White guy: " Shit! The Black Panthers! Run!!! "
Black panther: " Where da white person? "
White guy: " Fuck!!! "
Black panther: " Gimme da melons, Bitch! "
by Luppydk August 05, 2011
A sexy dark haired female in her prime that usually wears all black and tall heels. This creature is fierce, sleek, and cunning. Be careful with this kind of big cat however, if you fuck with her she'll cut you!
"Oh that chick Lina is hot she's Black Panther though I wouldn't she'll rip your heart out with her cat like claws"
by DJ tantrum May 21, 2014
a revoultionary group that was for the upliftment of blacks. urged the separation of blacks from the white capitalist america and the creation of a separate black state. also ran social programs to enrich thier communitites and were armed to protect those same communtities. in two wordsAT
the free lunch program at santa fe elementary school
by tnutty July 19, 2004
a bunch of worthless niggers that run around raping white girls and listening to 'ooga booga' music.
The group ' black panthers' are a bunch of worthless niggers
by jaz-z0r February 20, 2006
An oft-misunderstood Black Power group that was NOT black nationalist, black racist, or anti-white. They were devoted to the self-defense and self-sufficiencyh of black communities, and they attracted sympathy and support from the white Left in the 1960s. Dismantled through illicit means in the early 1970s by the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, which assassinated Panther leaders and imprisoned others on trumped-up charges.
The "New Black Panther Party" is NOT the true voice of the original Panthers. They are a racist splinter of the Nation of Islam and have been rejected and denounced by original Panthers. The true successors to the original Panthers are the National Alliance of Black Panthers, founded in 2004.
by Random White Dude April 11, 2005
people forget that this group started to defend black people BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HANGING THEM FOR CENTURIES. even if their leader did "rape a white woman to slap the white man in the face" it just shows the hatred generated by groups like the KKK and other dumb white crackers. this racisism game was stared by the white man and is gonna end with the black man. if u ignorants cant wrap your head around that then kill your self the world is better without you. im white and my parents are white and my parents parents were white and they all helped the black panthers in the city of dope.
"(KKK)i hate you so much i wanna kill you. OF COURSE YOU WILL WANNA KILL ME BACK(black panthers). but its up to all of us to let the hatred go" which came first? KKK or Black Panthers THINK HARD!!!
by Treez2High January 30, 2009
This group was formed during an era of racial tennsion and great racial injustices. Such as the government not helping black people in their neighborshoods in a sense of alienating them and screwing them over. Thus the Black Panthers came to help the black community and even ran a free breakfast program to help feed children in their own neighborhoods. THis group is no where near the KKK hell if anything blacks have a lot of reasons to hate Whites and yet we don't and yet we want equal crap and yet whites today feel threatened when a black person wants to gain some power. As if we aren't suppose to have it. For when we want something they go "wait what about equal rights"

THis will get negetive votes due to the fact that it doesn't speak for white folks who vote on here.
a group that helped the black community and is nothing like the KKK.. Black Panthers was a gorup that helped not murder.
by lordblazer March 19, 2006

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