n. Waste material discharged from the anus after a heavy nights drinking.
That black one I just did felt like my soul was trying to escape.
by Captain Blackheart September 28, 2005
Top Definition
Black One! is a game generally played by Caucasians and Asians in which participants punch each other in the arm upon first sight of an African American while calling out "black one!" in reference to their skin. Additionally, players may keep track of how many punches they have given or received to determine a winner over a select time period.
Upon arrival to the homeless shelter, Julie and John played Black One! at the sight of any African Americans. Her arm
was sore by the end of the day due to the high population of African Americans at homeless shelters.
by BlackOneIsFun July 07, 2011
When someone is so pissed, fucked off with someone, you will give them the ultimate in destruction
Derek robbed me of my phone, so I'm gonna cash him a black one and rob the car!
by Dabba December 03, 2007
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