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When you own someone so badly, that they cry.
Example from an RPG called Conquer Online.

GalaxyTrojaN: "my name is Shane and im a New Zealander".
_I_N_A_G_: "no your name is Zubair and you are from Afghanistan, you just lie about your name so people be friends with you"
Delameare: "aww i hate you shane or zubair which ever you are"
Burning~Wings: "haha Bizounced Zubair".
GalaxyTrojaN: "F*** i hate you Jake"

he quit game soon after
by NzJake July 08, 2009
a term used when leaving a location, usually while intoxicated
I'm soooooooooooooooo Bizounced, lets hit up mickey dees
by BThorpedo September 22, 2008

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