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An illness originating from weakness, some symptoms include wanting to go home early, complaining A LOT, freaking out for no reason, over exaggerating, and loss of humor. Although some say it is not contagious, spending time with an "infectee" you will begin to experience symptoms and the more time spent the symptoms will elevate.
Man he sure does have bitchitis today, he must have caught it from mike when they were wrestling.
The state of acting extremely bitchy. Usually used to describe a person who is habitually bitchy, and is currently exhibiting a particularly bad case of his/her unpleasant attitude.
Don't mess with her. She's got a bad case of the bitchitis this afternoon.
by khiddy June 05, 2005
when someone is such a bitch that you think they must have a disease because they take bitching to a whole new level
she is such a bitch. she must have bitchitis
by unc.tarheels July 10, 2008
An uncurrable disease contacted at birth by all females and a few unlucky males. Individuals with this disorder show symptoms simular to those portrayed by bitches.
Scarlet: "Complain, complain, complain, ect...."
Me: "Why are you bitching so much?"
Scarley: "Im so sorry, i'm havin a bad bitchitis episode."
by Brysonator December 22, 2013