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Spare time activity that mostly performed by teenager and virgin girls. Simply, two or more girls (can be performed by individuals as well but very rare)get together at places like malls, fast food restaurants etc, this bunched group usually sit endless hours at the same place without ordering, talks about mostly men, stare at men's butts and dicks. They never admit but every time they bitch around to find someone eager to fuck them, but mostly they end up with nothing. Their fingers are their best friends but they mostly dont know that.
A: hi Daisy, what did you do with Sarah yesterday after the school?
B: ohh, we went to burger king and bitched around, it was hell of a fun.

Another example

A: what a beautiful day Lindsey, lets go out and bitch around.
B: great idea, lets go
by Zetronomy October 11, 2007

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