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used when the mother of child wants to manipulate the father in some way by depriving the father visitation and using the guise of it being "that bitch" the fathers girlfriend, friend, or any female the said mother is slightly jealous of or feels is leverage enough to use against said father
dad to baby momma: so can _______ come visit for the weekend, as outlined in our papers?

baby momma to dad: no

dad to baby momma: why? its in the papers... its my weekend!

baby momma to dad: "i don't want that bitch around my kid(s)", you can come see _______here at my house with my lame ass and then we can talk.
by brj365 January 19, 2012
the EXACT same thing as "goin out with friends" or goin to have a drink at a bar, the only miniscule detail barely worth mentioning that differentiates " got league tonight" from goin out with friends is playin a game of pool
ironically goin out with friends for a drink THEN playin a game of pool doesnt make it ok, thus the value of an alleged league
mando: i hate you ! you go out without me!

brantz: well lets go out tonight!

mando: nah i got league tonight

brantz: oh so you're goin out with out me? can i get mad too?

mando: no i got league tonight its different
by brj365 January 19, 2012
one who refuses to actually make a phone call and will text you from dusk til dawn at such an alarming speed, while actually sayin very little.

can also be used to describe the short arm position texters use similar to a t rex, keeping the phone close enough to read.
(1000) texts later ....
man your a textosaurus today


my arms are gonna be stuck in

textosuarus postion ima holla later

by brj365 January 19, 2012
when the necklace/chain is worn intentionally outside the shirt, as if to suggest the chain is of high value
me: hells yea ! you know yo boy ready for tha clubs now! got that chain on the outside

derek: lets go hit the clubs

me: are we goin out or "goin to clean out storage"

derek: i dont rock the chain on the outside for "goin to clean out storage"

me: awwwwww hells yea
by brj365 January 19, 2012

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