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Saying something in a way that sounds non-sexual... but really is.
He was pulling Biskits all night... i couldn't stop laughing.
by Biskitsanders October 21, 2008
Man/Woman who loves to make sexual jokes, and then pretend he didn't say anything.
Dude, Christian is being a total Biskit!
by Biskitsanders October 21, 2008
Multi-use exclamation/interjection: has some vague reference to the noun, "biscuit," but is only loosely related. Misspelling is a must.
"Holy flying ____ on a biskit!"
"I need it like biskit!"
Alternate forms: "Biskit-hed," "Biskit-breth" (terms for an annoying person).
by Ha-Hee Prime April 12, 2011
a cute sexy fly guy
"What are you girls planing on doing tonight?","going on the prawl for some biskits."
by dre dawg November 03, 2008
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