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1) A conspiracy theorist convinced of his/her intellectual superiority and rightness about Obama's birth on another planet, star or galaxy far, far away and long, long ago--or anywhere as long as it's not in the U.S. (e.g., Kenya--or maybe Sirius, as in "Are you?? Really!??").

2) An ignoranus whose religion and entire life purpose just ended April 27, 2011 when the legitimate President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, II, released his legitimate, long-form birth certificate issued in Hawaii--a non-news event ridiculously treated as news by the blithering, lemming media.

3) An inbred cousin of Patrick, the retarded starfish on Spongebob Squarepants who said: "Stupid people are blissfully unaware of just how stupid they really are. (Droooooool)"

4) A stupidiot moron sponging off the Idiocracy formerly known as the United States of America, and focusing attention on something unimportant and already verified, to distract from real problems for real people.
News media: So birthers--what are you gonna do now that Obama's birth certificate is out and verifiable?

Birther 1: Hari kari!!!

Birther 2: Dunno. (drooooool)

Birther 3: Duh...I guess...uh...mmm--hold it, I have to ask my OverLord what's the next thing to worry to death like a rabid pit bull. Goin' ta get my meds now, before I start drooling...Oops--(droooooool)
by GOPanus April 29, 2011
A redneck born on American soil in a barn delivered by a drunken veterinarian who also performs abortions. Parents are both American citizens who are usually first cousins if not brother and sister.
Birthers fought for their right to marry their cousins.
by billthecat July 28, 2009
A sore loser who happens to also be racist and have a brain no larger than a peanut. They also have exceptionally large mouths and an utter inability to understand basic facts.

This term is usually employed to those people who possess the aforementioned characteristics who actually believe that president Barack Obama, a half-black Hawaiian, was born in Kenya. They also have the delusion that President Obama won't release his birth certificate to the public, despite the fact that no other president has actually been asked to and he actually has it posted, like, all over the internet. Since a fundamental quality of a birther is that he or she cannot understand basic facts, they reject the fact that it exists and go on, contented, that he is spending millions to hide it.
Does that guy really reject this proposition despite the overwhelming evidence that it is true? What a birther!
by abard124 February 27, 2011
someone who believes that someone with black skin can't possibly be a real american, and thus cannot legally serve as president.
I'm a proud birther: I think everybody whose skin is darker than mine should be deported... or forced to work in the service industry for other whites like myself.
by thededine September 08, 2009
A derogatory slang term for hetereosexuals and heterosexual couples. Primarily used within the male homosexual community in the 1980s and early 1990s and, to a lesser extent, by fervent pro-population control advocates who deliberately choose not to have children.

This definition has been eclipsed by the contemporary use of the term "birther" to describe those who question President Obama's citizenship/eligibility to be President. However, it now has a double entendre "inside joke" aspect to it when used by gays (and to a lesser extent, lesbians) in reference to conservative "birther" (anti-Obama) activists.

As acceptance of homosexuality has become more mainstream since the 1990s, this derogatory term for straights/straight-couples has fallen out of use in all but the most hard-core gay circles.
The birthers who passed Proposition 8 in California are all conservative religious fundamentalists who need to keep their Bible out of politics.

China's "one-child" policy is the only way to keep those birthers from destroying Gaia (Mother Earth).
by SmurfberryDreams January 09, 2011
Someone who has given birth.

Your Birther would be your mother.

Has nothing to do with Barrack Obama; yet is still used in that context.
Guy 1:Wild party last night
Guy 2:Oh hell yeah
Guy1: My birther's gonna be pissed though.
Guy 3: Shit man, That sucks.
by Sha-Boom August 12, 2009
Birthers are criminally insane, low-IQ conservative religious fanatic, wide stanced, knuckle dragging morons who believe that Obama's parents knew he would be president when he was born and had a fake birth certificate made up indicating he was born in the U.S.
Glug...glug...yuk...yep, i reckon that filthy neeger was born in Kenya and his salt and pepper folks knew he was da anti-christ way ahead of time. Hey! Who are ya callin' birthers?
by Running out of patience October 06, 2009